The Conflict, an Easter Drama

Evaluation Script Purchase Policy

To make a decision to produce and perform this script, you will need a complete copy to fully evaluate. I will e-mail (or s-mail at your request) a complete copy of the script for your examination purposes only. Although, you could produce The Conflict with the evaluation copy, to do so would break the agreement that you will make when you receive it.

This evaluation copy is provided to you for the low cost of only $9. Of course, this by no means represents the time and expense of creating this work.
A Performance Agreement must be properly executed prior to any public performance of this script. Please click here for PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT information.
If you would like a copy of The Conflict for your evaluation, click here and send us an e-mail. Leave "Send me an Evaluation Script of The Conflict" in the SUBJECT box and be sure to include:

1. Your name and telephone number.
2. The name, city, state and zip code of your church or organization.

We'll communicate and work out the details from there. I haven't set this site up to be able to take payments at this point. So, for now, I will respond as fast as lightning (well, perhaps thunder).

Thanks for your patience. I am certain that you will enjoy the script and will consider it worth the fuss! :)

Want to know more? Click to read about the outstanding SPECIAL FEATURES and helpful notes this script offers that you do not ordinarily find, AND to see a sample page from the script.