The Conflict, an Easter Drama

Performance Agreement

Of course, our goal is for you to present this drama to your community and through it win people to Jesus. So, we don't intend to make it impossible to attain permission to perform The Conflict. In fact, we desire to make it as simple as we possibly can. We have established a very low cost royalty that is intended to be fair and reasonable to both of us.

If, after you have read through an Evaluation Script, you decide that you would like to present The Conflict in your church or other venue, please send an e-mail with the following information:

1. Your name.
2. Your telephone number.
3. Name of the sponsoring church or other organization.
4. Name of the city where the performance(s) will take place.
5. Dates the performances will take place.
6. The total number of performances that will take place.
7. The total number of seats that will be available, counting all performances.
(e.g.-100 seats x 3 performances = 300 seats)
8. If tickets will be sold.
9. If tickets will be sold, what the gross income from ticket sales is expected to be, based on a complete sell-out.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible - sooner, if possible.