The Conflict, an Easter Drama

A Synopsis of "The Conflict"

The plot of The Conflict contains what we have all come to know in the passion of Christ during the final week of his life on earth. It begins with his triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem and continues on to the last supper, his betrayal by Judas, his brutal crucifixion, his burial, resurrection and ascension.

The disciples of Jesus experience some incredible rides during this time. James, Peter and John are invited to a private place of prayer with Jesus when suddenly and dramatically Moses and the prophet, Elijah appear and converse with their Rabbi. Mary runs into Judas on the street late one night and is soon shocked to discover that he is that close trusted friend of Jesus that will soon betray him. In fact, he is now enroute to betray Jesus to the Sanhedrin. Peterís utter failure is paralleled to Judasí; but their decisions, actions and outcomes are contrasted. The heartbreak of his own failure leads Peter to an acceptance of Christís forgiveness.

Underneath it all, a group of demons observe and scheme to foil the perfect plan of God. Their motives, personalities and sometimes even their very words are parroted by their earthly counterparts. Just when it seems that their wicked strategy has succeeded, they discover that it was their very actions that God used to bring redemption to man-kind through Jesusí death and ultimate resurrection.

During the crucifixion and amid the severe anguish of Jesus on the cross, demons and angels meet on a deadly battle ground nearby to portray the spiritual struggle through dance.

A victorious Jesus Christ rises to the surprise and dismay of the demons, and to the delight of his followers. They rejoice as he ascends gloriously into heaven with the promise of his return.