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This is the main page, a table of contents if you will, to the various primary families listed to the left.

I am brand new to all of this, but it seems to me that in a genealogical study there has to be a specified focus on a particular individual, otherwise the study tends to wander aimlessly through the myriads of interconnecting marriages.  Since my father, Robert Russell Moore has coordinated this study, at least from our perspective through the contributions of many others, and his focal point was myself, it is my ancestors who are the focus of the work that is presented here.  Hopefully, as time goes on, and more information is contributed, the focal point will change and a greater number of ancestors will be included.
Genealogy Detail and Charts
To see the details of an ancestorstol line or descendent chart, click on a link in the column to the left.
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I have also created an e-mail "Discussion List" through TOPICA.  This is a program where a group of people who share the same interest can discuss a topic through an exchange of e-mails.   All of those that sign up or subscribe can be part of the discussion group.  When you are part of the discussion group, you will receive all of the e-mails that are sent to the group, and everyone will received the e-mails that you send to the group.  Those that subscribe to this discussion list can help us fill in missing information or make inquiries and announcements (reunions, etc.)  that pertain to the interests of the greater family.

In order to receive this service you first must subscribe.  There is no charge to do this.  Simply send a BLANK e-mail to:

Topica will automatically send you a confirmation message. Once you reply, you will be added to our list.

Rickey Allison Moore
Descendant and Ancestor  :)
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