Rick and Deb's Photo Gallery

Because of all the mean people out there who would like nothing more than to steal pictures of innocent subjects and use them for all sorts of no-good, I have protected our photo gallery with user-password security. This is not meant to keep family members and friends from entering.  Indeed, you are the very reason that I created this site in the first place - so we could share these moments of our lives with you.

If you already have a User Name and password for this site, CLICK HERE to continue and enter the gallery.

If you don't have a User Name and password for this site, e-mail me at: rick@iMoore.net with the following information:
1.  Give me your name,
2.  Your e-mail address,
3.  And, just in case I don't recognize your name (I apologize, but save me the embarrassment and) tell me how or where I should know you from or what your relationship is to our family or friends.

I will reply back to you with your own personal User Name and password so you will be able to enjoy these moments with us.  This is not an automated system so my reply will come to you after I have received and read your e-mail, decided that you meet the criteria and set up a User Name and password for you.

I apologize for having to do this, but for the safety of my friends and family, I feel it is necessary.  I know  if your picture is part of this site, that you, too, appreciate this security measure.

Thanks for your patience,
Rick A Moore